WordPress Themes Wrap-Up – Month Two

Since it’s March 1st, it’s time for another WordPress Themes wrap-up article. I love this time of the month because it allows me to reflect my goals and make sure I’m on pace.

Review January Goals:

The first thing I want to do is refer back to this post and review the goals I set for February. In reviewing my goals, I didn’t accomplish everything 100%, but I did pretty good.

Add 60 themes to wpthemes.net and themesforwp.com – Unfortunately I didn’t accomplish this goal 100%, but I got about half way there. I was able to add over 30 themes to each site. Both sites will cross the 100 themes mark later this week.

Add at least one theme per day to wordpressthemes.com – I accomplished this goal and now have over 300 themes on wordpressthemes.com.

Create a new design and install it – I failed at this goal miserably, but with good reason. I spent a good part of the month evaluating my traffic before creating a new design. I now have a completed design and the programmers will start coding it this week.

Get two high quality links – I accomplished this goal by getting 3 high quality links. I get about one email per week from someone wanting to add their themes to my site. I always agree to do it if they add a link to me. It worked like a charm 3 times this month.

Sell more themes than the previous month – Since we had a decent jump in search rankings, it was kind of cheating a bit. I sold over 200 themes in February, over double from January.

What I Accomplished In February

In addition to the goals I set for February, I also accomplished several other tasks this month:

– Purchased several websites: I purchased freewordpressthemes.com, wordpresstheme.com, wordpressphilippines.org, buddy-press.net, and wpthemes.org. The first purchase was a package deal for Free WordPress Themes, WordPress Philippines, and the BuddyPress site. My main focus was on the Free WordPress Themes site since it ranks #4 for the fairly highly searched term “Free WordPress Themes”. With a little work there is no reason this site can’t rank #2 behind WordPress.org. The main reason behind the purchase was to get valuable links from Free WordPress Themes and WordPress Philippines. After the purchase, I 301 redirected WordPress Philippines to wpthemes.net and it almost instantly pushed the site 20 positions upwards in the rankings. I also placed a link on Free WordPress Themes to my main WordPress Themes site. This also helped my rankings. The other major purchase was for WordPress Theme. It’s the same idea behind WordPress Themes, except WordPress Theme (without the S) gets searched 2x as much. In theory, I should be able to increase my WordPress themes sales by over 200% with this purchase.

– Increased traffic and sales: February saw a big jump in both traffic and sales. I crushed last month’s record of 83 sales with a new record this month of 237 sales. I also saw traffic take a nice jump; this month clocked in with about 16,000 unique visitors.

– Achieved better rankings: I was able to finally get on the front page for WordPress Themes, which was a big reason or the traffic increase. The exciting thing is that I’m also on the cusp of the front page for my other site, wpthemes.net. It’s nice to see wpthemes.net on the second page since it was a totally undeveloped domain when I got it. To say that I’m happy with the progress so far would be an understatement. themesforwp.com is on the 3rd page now, which isn’t too shabby. A result I’ll definitely take after just 2.5 months. Pretty soon I’ll have 5 sites ranking on the first page for WordPress themes related terms. Very exciting!

– Signed Up For CrazyEgg: Earlier in the post I mentioned that I spent a good part of this month evaluating my traffic; crazyegg.com was a major help in that regard. Their service is cheap (only $9 a month) and allows you to track all the clicks your visitors make. It also provides heat maps and a couple of other overlays. Below is a screenshot of each click WordPress Themes got over a sampling of 5,000 visitors. This data was the basis for the new design I’m working on, which I hope will improve my conversion by 50% or more. The biggest thing I’ll be working on is an advanced search feature since it’s very obvious searching is very important to my users. I’ll be using a search feature that is very similar to 6pm.com which allows users to narrow down what they are looking for very easily.

Crazyegg - WordPress Themes

Crazyegg - WordPress Themes

Goals For March

Get New Design Up – My biggest objective for March is to launch the new site design. This is a major effort since I’ll be using a new programmer and rebuilding the site from scratch. It will be better optimized to load faster, which should help even more with the rankings. Since there are 300+ themes on the site, it’s going to take a long time to categorize them all. It’s a bit ambitious to get this done in March, but I’ll do my best.

Add More Themes – I need to continue adding new themes to wordpressthemes.com, wpthemes.net, and themesforwp.com. My goal is to add 15 themes to wordpressthemes.com and 60 themes to both wpthemes.net and themesforwp.com.

Build Sales And Traffic – I love hitting a new record each month, so I’m setting a goal to do more than 237 theme sales and 16,000 unique visitors in March. Since there are 3 more days in March than Feb, I’ll be VERY disappointed if this doesn’t happen.

wordpresstheme.com – Now that I own wordpresstheme.com I need to get it setup with my WordPress themes template. This won’t be a totally straightforward project since there is already a lot of content on the site. I’ll need to sift though the content, decide what to keep, what to trash, and what to 301 redirect. My goal is to have the my template on the site along with a few themes by the end of March.


  1. Awesome. Love to see your ideas on marketing and increasing conversions. Can’t wait to see the new design!

    • Thanks, I can’t wait to get the new site up, but it’s been a sore subject for a long time now. I’m having a hard time finding a programming who can do a good job with it.


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