WordPress Themes Wrap-Up – March

I normally really enjoy making these monthly update posts, but I’ve been dreading have to do it this month. That’s because I failed to reach one of my goals, for the second month in a row. I really hate not being able to make deadlines and it’s even more frustrating when it’s something out of my control. Anyway, it’s not all bad since it was a good month apart from that.

Review March Goals:

Get New Design Up – This is the goal that I failed at for the second month in a row. It turns out the advanced search feature I’m trying to get done is quite complicated and I can’t seem to find a competent WordPress coding firm that can handle this. Of course they all say they can do it out of the gate and then fall on their face weeks later. The problem is that it’s costing me time. I think the people who are working on it now can actually get this done – I hope. I know this feature will increase my conversion by some huge amount, so I’m really getting frustrated by not having this on the site.

Add More Themes – Since this was in my control, I met this goal. I now have more than 200 themes on wpthemes.net and over 335 themes on wordpressthemes.com

Build Sales And Traffic – I totally crushed this goal, like totally knocked it out of the park. I more than doubled last month’s sales total of 237 with a new sales record of 555 for April. I also set a new traffic record with 33,887 visits in April, this more than doubled last month’s mark of 16,000.

wordpresstheme.com – For SEO purposes I decided that it’s going to be better having one mega WordPress Themes site vs several smaller ones. For this reason, I just 301 redirected wordpresstheme.com to wpthemes.net. Notice that I’m talking about wordpresstheme.com (without the s). After doing the 301 redirect, wpthemes.net now ranks number #8 for “WordPress Theme”. This is up from #15, which is where wordpresstheme.com was when I purchased it. So, in just a couple of weeks I’ve already jumped several positions.

What I accomplished in March:

Achieved better rankings – I ended March in the #3 position for the Google search “WordPress Themes” and in the #8 position for the search “WordPress Theme”. This is pretty exciting because I’ve basically gotten as high as I can get for “WordPress Themes” (since WordPress is #1 and #2). This will allow me to focus on getting higher for “WordPress Theme” and allow me to focus on several long tail searches. Things such as “Business WordPress Theme”, “Best WordPress Theme”, or “Blue WordPress Theme”. The new site I’m designing will accommodate this very nicely.

Goals For April:

Get New Design Up – This is the third month in a row that this has been a goal. I have other goals for this month, but they are all insignificant compared to this one. I’m really concerned that I won’t even have this done by the end of April. Sigh.

Add More Themes – I need to continue adding new themes to wordpressthemes.com and wpthemes.net, My goal is to add 15 themes to wordpressthemes.com and 30 themes to wpthemes.net.

Build Sales And Traffic – I love hitting a new record each month, so I’m setting a goal to do more than 555 theme sales and 33,000 unique visitors in Apirl.


  1. Good stuff man, although you didn’t hit all your goals, look at what you DID do lol – Your ROI is right on track and this is obviously going to be a very successful venture, so chin up :-) – so are you creating themes or are you just outsourcing designs like that?

    • Randy,

      You’ll find that I’m my own worst critic and that when I set goals, I like to meet all of them. Finding a good programmer isn’t only slowing this project down, but it’s put me behind on several others too. I just contracted out a top USA shop (for top dollar too) that should be able to meet my needs. I’m sick of trying to get this done cheap, I’m moving on to paying top dollar and getting it done right.

      All the themes on the site are other developer’s themes. I’m just using their affiliate program to promote them and getting between a 20% and 50% commission.


  2. Nice stuff! Out of curiosity, when did you purchase this domain, and for how much?

    Google Keywords puts that term at having a tremendous search volume, do you find most of the search queries end up going for the first two WordPress.org results?

    • I picked the domain up in November of 2010 for an undisclosed amount of money. While wordpress.org has positions 1 and 2, I still get a respectable amount of traffic in the number 3 position.


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