WordPress Themes – Month One

Since today is February 1, it’s officially been one month since I’ve been working on WordPress Themes full-time. This project is primarily SEO focused, so I have to have a long-term horizon. However, things are progressing quicker and better than I expected.

What I accomplished in January:

– Added over 150 templates to wordpressthemes.com which brings the total to 269 themes on the site. The site bounced around in the Google rankings quite a bit during the month of January. I found myself as high as number 11, but ended the month at number 19. However, I rank in the top 10 in both Google CA and Google UK.

– Launched wpthemes.net and added 58 themes to the site. At the beginning of the month the site ranked out of the top 100 for my keyword “WP Themes“. It now ranks 57th. I don’t expect to get any search traffic until it’s in the top 20, but at least I’m the radar now.

– Launched themesforwp.com and added 56 themes to the site. This domain had never been used before, so it wasn’t even indexed in Google at the start the month. It now ranks 98th for my keyword “Themes For WP“.

Sold a total of 81 themes during the month of January. My number one converter accounted for 37 of the sales. It wasn’t surprising that this was Elegant Themes since they offer over 50 templates for just $39.99. It’s regarded as the best deal in WordPress.

-Developed a couple of great link bait ideas. The first one is to give someone $50 if they buy a template from my site and then write a review about it. The great thing about this is I get to keep the affiliate commission, so the perceived value to the customer is much higher than my actual cost. The second thing I’ve been doing is asking for links from those who want to add themes to my site. I get a decent amount of e-mails now from people looking to get exposure on WordPress Themes. I agree to add their themes if they make a blog post about WordPress Themes on their site.

Goals for February:

– I want to add at least 60 more themes to wpthemes.net and themesforwp.com. This will bring the total number of templates on each site to over 100.

-I want to continue to add at least one new theme per day on wordpressthemes.com. This will get me close to 300 templates on the site by the end of the month.

-Even though I just finished creating this new design, I’ve learned a lot over the past month. I’m already talking to my designer and hope to have a new version of the site coded by the end of the month. The new version of the site will allow me to add a lot more content. My goal is to get the sites submitted to Google News. I also want to add video tutorials and how-to articles. This will require a homepage that is laid out significantly different. My hope is this content will attract a lot of attention a.k.a. a lot of links. So, in the end my goal for February is to get this new theme launched. It will take several more months of writing news content before I can submit to Google News.

– I hope to get two high quality links to my various WordPress sites.

– Since I sold a total of 81 themes in January my goal is to do more than that in February. Since there are three fewer days in February it might be a challenge.


  1. Are you considering running a Google adwords campaign to your long or short term strategy?

    • I’ve actually been using Google Adwords on and off the past couple weeks. I was going to add that to this post, but was thinking it was really enough content for a totally separate post. I’m still evaluating its effectiveness and will report back once I have enough data.


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