Using Compressed Air Cans To Get High?

My wife and I spent about 90 minutes at Target tonight stocking up for our upcoming RV trip to Virginia. Since we are stocking the RV for the first time we needed all sorts of stuff from dishes to hangers, from a notebook to a desk organizer, from a… well you get the idea.

One of the things I picked up was a compressed can of air. This wasn’t for the RV per se, but just to have around. A compressed can of air comes in handy to clean computer parts or electronic gadgets. As we were checking out, the lady all the sudden randomly asks for my ID. Since I didn’t have any beer or cigarettes on the belt I was kind of taken aback by it. When I asked her what she needed it for I was informed that it’s now a state law to check ID’s for anyone purchasing compressed air cans. My first reaction was that maybe kids are using them as a weapon or something. However it turns out that kids are actually using them to get high.

More out of curiosity I asked her how old you need to be to purchase compressed air. Her response was 18. So I was like, I’m obviously over 18, but she said that she needed to see my ID anyway. So, I took my wallet out, which has one of those clear plastic things for the ID, and showed it to her. Then her response was “Please take it out.” (at this point I was hoping she was still talking about the ID) I was kind of shocked, but figured why argue. Then she actually scanned my ID with the register. She said, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, we need to track every single can we sell.” WOW!

I guess I’m getting old, because when I was a kid it was glue that people sniffed to get high. It looks like the times are a changin’. When I got home a quick google search revealed that you can indeed get high with a compressed can of air. What the heck his this world coming to?

When it comes to getting high I’m a complete prune. I’m one of those guys who managed to make it through my childhood never sniffing, smoking, popping, or injecting anything. I just don’t like the feeling of being out of control. Beer, wine, and rum are enough for me. However, I also think that all drugs should be legal. The USA has the highest prison population per capita and we have increased our prison population by over 400% since 1980. The so-called war on drugs has pushed the number of incarcerated drug offenders up by 1,100 percent since 1980. It seems to me that better education and treatment would be money better spent. The problem is that the prisons are big business. The problem with big business is that they have big lobbies. Where they are big lobbies you can ensure that the best thing for the American people is not what they have in mind.

US Prison Populatoin Growth

US Prison Populatoin Growth

Per Capita Incarceration Rates Worldwide

Per Capita Incarceration Rates Worldwide

*Thank you to Wikipedia for the images.

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  1. Apparently kids are using this to get high, the item sold at Target had a substance that made it bitter added, to make it unusable for that purpose. Went to the hardware store and at last “air” to fix a jammed printer. I think the policy is more about data mining than kid’s health.


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