Two Weeks In Costa Rica

Today marks the middle of my two week trip to Costa Rica. It’s really been an amazing trip so far and its reminded me why I moved here to begin with. With the exception of having rain everyday, despite it being the dry season, it’s been a near perfect trip. When you get away from the city, Costa Rica is truly an amazing country and somewhere everyone should visit.

Costa Rican Wedding

The main reason for booking this trip was to goto my business partner’s (Adam Small) wedding at Hotel Martino. Since Adam and I have a lot of mutual friends, it was just as much a reunion as it was a wedding. The weekend started off with a party Friday night at Time Out Tavern, a local bar that I used to frequent a lot when I lived here. The wedding was Saturday afternoon; the after-party went into the wee hours of the morning.

Mother nature decided it was time for a torrential downpour just as the ceremony was about to start. However, thanks to some quick work by the wedding planners, the wedding was moved indoors and everything went off without a hitch.

It was a really great day and I wish Adam and his new bride the best in their new life together.

Manuel Antonio

On Sunday morning, after the wedding, it was time to switch gears and head out to Manuel Antonio. I own part of a condo in a complex called Pacifico Colonial that I purchased when I still lived in Costa Rica. The idea was to use it on the weekends, or whenever we needed an escape from city life. Unfortunately, we moved out of Costa Rica about a year after we purchased it, so I haven’t been able to use it much.

Monday – This was our first full day in Manuel Antonio, so we took it kind of easy. The bulk of the day was spent relaxing, but we took a couple of hours out to visit the Wildlife Refuge. The The Nature Farm Wildlife Refuge is home to 25 acres of butterfly and reptile exhibits. It wasn’t an overly exciting tour, but it was interesting nonetheless. It made for a leisurely day, which was just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday – This was a much more active day which we spent in Manuel Antonio Beach Park. This park is home to 109 species of mammals, 184 of birds, great beaches, and wonderful hiking trails. After taking in a 4-5 mile hike, we headed to Agua Azul, one of our favorite hangouts, for a late lunch.

Manuel Antonio Beach Park Hike

Manuel Antonio Beach Park Hike

Wednesday – I’m pretty sure this was my favorite day of the trip, even though I had to get up really early. We had an 8am departure to the La Selvita zip line area. Once we arrived, we hopped on ATVs and took a one hour trek up to the restaurant where we were served a typical Costa Rican breakfast (yum). From there we did 13 zip lines though the Costa Rica jungle. It was my first time zip lining and something I’m definitely going to do again. Once you get over the fear of the first two lines you start to totally relax and enjoy the scenery. After the zip lines, we ATVed to a waterfall where we jumped in for a swim. The water was pretty cold, but felt great after a long day of being in the Costa Rican sun. From the waterfall it was another 45 minutes back to the tour office. Everyone pretty much just passed out after that. What a great day!

Thursday – Everyone slept in Thursday morning since we didn’t have our rafting tour until 12:30pm. Our guide met us at our condo and from there we followed them about 30 minutes south to the Savegre River. This trip would have taken about and hour and fifteen minutes 18 months ago, but they paved the road which made the trip quite enjoyable. The Savegre River is a class 4/5 river during the rainy season, but only a 2/3 during the dry season. There was some rain the past few days, so the river was up a bit – but not much. The rafting took about 2.5 hours including a stop at a waterfall. The scenery was totally amazing.

Waterfall swim

Waterfall swim

Friday – This was our final full day in Manuel Antonio, so what better way to spend it than lounging around. I was pretty sore after all the week’s activities, so I partook in a 90 minute massage in our condo. Dinner was at La Hacienda, which used to be one of my favorite places to eat in Manuel Antonio. However, I have to say this trip was a slight disappointment. The excellent service, live music, atmosphere, and company made up for it though. Or, maybe, it was the 2:1 margaritas. After dinner, we headed to a local bar to play some pool (and have some more drinks).

Sunset From Condo

Sunset From Condo

Trip Summary – Overall this was my favorite trip to Costa Rica. It really reminded me why I purchased this condo to begin with. Unfortunately, I was so caught up with work while I lived here that I never really took advantage of everything Costa Rica has to offer. I was also traveling an insane amount during that time, mostly for work, which left me even less interested in touring Costa Rica. Looking back, I wish I forced myself to do some of the activities. The good news is I have be be back here 2-4 times per year for board meetings, so I still have the opportunity to tackle some more of Costa Rica.

Back To Work

I’m still in Costa Rica for one more week, but unfortunately it’s time to get back to work. I’ll be spending Monday and Tuesday getting caught up on work for Terran Marketing. It’s been a relaxing week, but it left me behind on several projects. The biggest of which is launching Website Hosting. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock that out this week. Then, I’m participating in our corporate board meeting for Protos Marking on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll finally be heading back to the USA on Friday, which will leave me exactly 2 days to get ready for the BNP Paribas Open.

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