Two trips to Costa Rica

I just booked the first of what will be two trips I’ll be taking to Costa Rica in the next few months. The first will be strictly business in December and the other will be a combination of business and pleasure in February / March.

The trip in December is the one I just booked. I’ll be heading down there from Las Vegas on December 13th and coming home on December 18th. I’m going down there for our quarterly board meeting as well as our annual Christmas party. It will be a quick, fast paced trip, but it will be worth it. I always look forward to seeing everyone in Costa Rica and it’s even more enjoyable when I get to see our employees significant others at the party. I’ll be flying out the day after the Christmas party to get back home in time for the NFL games on Sunday, but my flight isn’t until 4pm on Saturday. That will allow me to have a good time on Friday night and not feel like total crap on the flight home.

The trip in February is a combination of business and pleasure. First, I’ll be down there for Adam Small’s wedding. He is the new CEO for Protos Marketing and I’m really looking forward to his wedding. After his wedding he will be going on his honeymoon for a week and I’m going to use that time to explore parts of Costa Rica I never saw when I lived there. We’ll also be heading out to Manuel Antonio to stay in our beach condo for a few days. After the week of relaxing I’ll head back into San Jose to have our quarterly board meeting and catch up with some employees. It will be a total of about 15 days away from home, but I’m really looking forward to that trip. I’ll book the flights for this in a few weeks.

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