Ticket Prices Are Out Of Control

As I mentioned in a previous post, my wife and I are planning on heading back to the Washington, DC area to visit family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m rarely back in that area these days, but when I do go home I find myself wanting to do things that remind me of years gone by.

This time of year that means hockey and going to Washington Capitals games. It also means football and going to Washington Redskins games. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I found myself at so many Redskins and Caps games I’ve literally lost count. At one point I had season tickets through a friend of mine for the Redskins. This was during the last two seasons at RFK and the opening season at FedEx Field. I gave up on the tickets after the first year at FedEx Field because I just didn’t enjoy going there nearly as much as RFK. It also didn’t help much that the team pretty much sucked (not much has changed). I also had a sweet hookup though one of my original jobs for just about unlimited FREE Washington Capitals tickets. This is way back when they used to play at the Capitol Center. I was good for at least 20 games a season during those years. Even when they moved to the MCI Center, I still made it to 5-10 games a year. It was a combination of free tickets though work and tickets I just purchased on my own. My recollection is that tickets were quite reasonably priced back then.

As we were planning this trip back home, I was talking to my wife and thinking “Man, it would be nice to go to a Caps game while we’re in DC.” I was thinking we could go down to Chinatown and have some dim sum, watch some football games at a local bar, and then go to the game at 5pm on Sunday. When I logged in to look at ticket prices and selection, I darn near shit myself. Tickets for a Washington Capitals game are now $75.00 – $340.00 per seat. That doesn’t even include all their service charges which tack on another significant tab to the bill. That means to just get in the door and sit in the rafters for a Caps game you are looking at close to $100 per seat. The last time I went to a Caps game there wasn’t even a $100 seat in the entire building. What the hell is up with this crazy world?

When I used to go, years ago, the games were rarely sold out. I can’t imagine that in this economy and with these ticket prices much has changed in that regard. I don’t understand why they don’t keep the prices more reasonable so they can sell the building out and give more families a chance to enjoy going to a live sporting event.

Don’t even get me started on what they charge for food and beverages at the events too.


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