The weekend in sports

Lets start with the one thing that actually went right – the Redskins beating the Packers to go 3-2 on the season. I missed most of the game because I was too tired / hungover to even move. The games start at 10am out here in Las Vegas and I didn’t even go to bed until after 5am. It was a miracle that I got up at 12:30pm to watch the end of the game. To my surprise when I woke up the Redskins were still in it. I figured it would be a blow out since Green Bay is a much better team on paper. I made it down to the sofa just in time to watch the 52 yard game winning field goal try of the Packers bounce off the upright and send the game to overtime. As it turns out, Aaron Rodgers’ interception at the end of the game cost me my fantasy matchup this week, but more on that later.

After the Redskins win I went into the afternoon games with a great feeling. Then that all came crashing down. As a San Diego Chargers fan, it’s NEVER good to see them lose to the Raiders. I’ve always hated the Raiders since they beat the Redskins in the Super Bowl years ago, plus I think their owner is an ass too. Once I started following the Chargers my hatred just grew. The Chargers are such a better team, but on this Sunday afternoon they did everything they could to lose the game. UGH.

I’m also in a survivor pool for the NFL. This is the type of pool where you pick one team to win each week, but you can only use each team once. Once you pick wrong, you are OUT. I won the first 4 weeks and thought I had an absolute lock this weekend. In fact, I was telling my friends that I might put some money on the game. After all, the defending Super Bowl champions were playing the hapless Cardinals who were starting a rookie QB in his first NFL start. I guess I was wrong and “That’s why they play the games.”

Then, in my fantasy football game it came right down to the wire. Since I was playing against Hakeem Nicks, Ray Rice, Michael Bush, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, who all blew up this weekend, I was going into tonight’s game 50 points behind with only two players left. It would seem pretty improbable to get 50 points from Percy Harvin and the Jets defense, but that’s exactly what happened. The problem is I needed 50.5 points. What a heartbreaking loss. That leaves me at 2-3 now instead of 3-2 and I have a feeling that I’m going to look back at this loss as the one that knocked me out of the playoffs.

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