The Social Network & AMEX

So, I went to see The Social Network tonight, or as I call it, the Facebook movie. I didn’t really know much about it going in. I don’t see that many movies anymore, so I don’t normally see many previews. I actually like it that way so I can be more surprised as I watch them.

I thought the movie was good for the most part. The acting was above average and the story was very interesting. As with anything in Hollywood, I wonder how much of the movie was 100% factual, how much was embellished, and what was actually left out.

It did leave my stomach kind of in knots by the end though. As someone who is in the middle of a lawsuit personally right now, the thought of lawyers, court rooms, depositions, lawsuits, or anything of the like is really upsetting to me. The actors did a good job of showing their pain and frustration and I could really relate to that. The whole legal process is is just brutal.

When the movie was over I checked my email and had what has become a pretty routine email and voice mail from American Express. They normally call me, email, or simply lock my card about once a month with some random security concern. It’s really a pain in the butt honestly. However, this time it was really an issue. It looks like someone, somehow, got a hold of my credit card number and went on a joyride though Maryland with it. I don’t really understand it as the guy said they actually presented the card, but I still have the card in my pocket. In typical American Express fashion, they removed all the unauthorized charges from my account, immediately, and are UPSing me a new card out tomorrow. Pretty classy.

Ironically, the movie theater didn’t accept AMEX, so I had to use VISA to make the purchase there.

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