The next couple of weeks

I’m back in Woodstock, VA tonight after spending the past couple days up in Northern Virginia. When people ask me where Woodstock, VA is, I always joke that you go out to the middle of no where and take a left. In actuality, it’s about 2 hours west and south of Washington, DC. My parents moved out here several years ago and I’m still trying to figure out why exactly. It’s 30 minutes to the nearest “anything” here. I can totally understand wanting to move somewhere quieter and cheaper, but I would have at least picked one of the smaller cities out here like Harrisonburg, VA or Winchester, VA. At least those towns have stores like Best Buy, large multiplex theaters, and a selection of restaurants.

From here we’re heading down to Charlotte, NC and then Athens, GA to visit friends. I haven’t been to Charlotte, NC in close to 10 years, so it will be nice to see how things have changed down there. I used to go there about once a month when I was at my old job, so it will be somewhat of a homecoming in a round about way. I’ll be visiting my best friend from high school and his new bride. I’ll also be hanging out with some of his friends that I met at the bachelor party and wedding – all awesome people.

From there we are going to Athens, GA to visit another friend of ours. I used to go to Atlanta, GA a lot and always wanted to pop up to Athens, GA, but never made it. I’m excited to finally get there and have someone local to show us around.

Once we’re done in Athens, GA we’re going to be making the trip down to Houston, TX. I have to be in Costa Rica the week of December 13th for some meetings and our annual Christmas party. I’m really looking forward to that trip as it’s always a good time catching up with our employees down there. The Christmas party is also a good time.

Since we have about 11 days to get to Houston, TX we’ll be able to take our time getting there. Michele has never been to New Orleans, LA, so we will probably spend a couple of days there. We’ll also tour the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast, both states I’ve never been to. I’m also looking forward to being in some warmer areas.

To all my Jewish friends – Happy Hanukkah.

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