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For the past six years I’ve been working in the online poker affiliate marketing arena, but I’ve decided to get out of that space and start working on something new. Towards the end of this year I will be resigning from my position as President and CEO of Protos Marketing and Adam Small will be taking over my position there. I will still be involved with the company in a board capacity, where I will serve as Chairman of the Board, but I will no longer have any day to day involvement.

This begs the question of what will I do next? While I haven’t figured it out exactly, I do plan on staying in the affiliate marketing arena. This way I can use the skills I’ve developed over the past several years and apply them to something slightly different.

Yesterday I took the first step in this process by creating a new company and purchasing a domain name for it. I wanted a company name with “Marketing” in the title and spent several hours hunting for a name. It’s amazing what’s been taken out there in the domain world. It’s just about impossible to find anything that is available, but I was lucky enough to find something that I like a lot – Terran Marketing. For those of you who are sci-fi fans, or play Starcraft, you will get the reference. Basically, Terran means “human” or the “human race”.

While I’m still in my current position at Protos Marketing I won’t have much time to get started on Terran Marketing, but at least I have the company name now and get get a basic website up so it can start indexing.

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  1. I wish you the best of lucks in your new Company Challenge!

    Best regards,
    Andrea 😉


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