Terran Marketing Purchases GraphicDesign.com

This announcement got preempted a bit because of my 100th post and a post I made yesterday about Terran Marketing looking to hire a few quality project managers for some of our sites. Nonetheless, I wanted to get a post up about our latest purchase as soon as possible. I feel like graphicdesign.com is another great acquisition for us and here is why…..

By The Numbers

The Google Keyword Tool has become a virtual home for me over the past few months. I’ve searched so many terms that I can usually take a pretty good stab at how much something gets searched (in a decent range) before I type it in. However, every once in a while there is a term that totally shocks me (either high or low). Graphic Design was definitely once of those terms. When I saw 201,000 exact match searches I thought for sure I forgot to check the “exact” box and that it was still on broad – uh no. This term actually gets 2,740,000 broad match searches. It was one of those holy &#(@ moments where Jim and I just looked at each other and laughed. The math got even more staggering when we saw that the CPCs for this term are flirting with $10.00.

In addition to the great search volume and high CPCs, this already semi-developed site currently ranks in the middle of the 2nd page for this term. That is with zero SEO, only 6 pages on the site, and very few links. We speculate that with very little work this site will rank on the first page within a couple of months. This means a quicker than normal ROI, which is always nice.

What Did We Pay

The numbers on this were pretty obvious to us, so we passed on the typical appraisal process for this domain. However, just as a point of reference, we always check out estibot.com. Their value for this domain is $1,120,000. Again, we just use them as a point of reference and would never buy or sell a domain just base on this number. However, it makes us feel pretty good about our purchase price of $150,000.

What’s Next

The first step for this site will be transitioning the current design to our standard temporary blog format. This way we can start adding some great content while we create the initial design and develop the site. Our plan is to turn this into a graphic design portal site including information on graphic design degrees, job boards, graphic design software reviews, etc. This will allow us to be a meaningful site to a large percentage of the visitors, which should help with conversions.

Of course, we’ll be posting updates about this site as we progress….


  1. Great purchase, best of luck with the domain it certainly is a great one.

  2. Another great acquisition Michael. Was graphicdesign.com being auctioned or did you make an unsolicited offer? And btw you mentioned in a previous post you’re not in the business of flipping, but has that changed at all since you did so well with websitehosting.com?

    • Aric,

      It wasn’t being auctioned off – it was an unsolicited offer.

      I don’t feel like we’re in the business of flipping domains. We purchase the sites to makes profitable businesses out of them. However, we’re not emotionally attached to any domain and are always willing to sell for the right price.


  3. As you mentioned being unemotionally attached to a domain is vital in many aspects of business especially domaining. I have multiple domains which I am emotionally attached to but this isn’t realistic.

    Well done, I’m interested in seeing how you progress the domain. What is your estimate for breaking even, 1 year?

    • I’ll take the under on 1 year with this one.

      We’ll be posting progress updates for this domain as we have stuff to report.

  4. Wow man, you are on a roll! Congrats again

  5. Hi MJ,

    How long was the whole process from the enquiry to transfer of $$$


    • It looks like our initial contact with this domain owner was back in late May. This one took awhile to complete – almost 2 months.

  6. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for a while and one question I have is how do you conduct such unsolicited bids? I mean do you show an offer, ask for a price, or do you have a specific method to reach a mutually beneficial price level. I suppose you need to show an attractive offer to get the owner interested, but then you do not want to pay too much either.

    • Conrad,

      Thank you very much for reading the blog. I’ve been pretty open about things on the blog. While what we do in this regard isn’t rocket science, I’d still like to keep our strategy on this aspect close to the vest. I hope you understand.


  7. Hey Mike,

    Another sick addition to the Terran portfolio. Wish you all the best of luck with it.

    I did have one question about your recent stuff. I’ve been watching onlinestorage.com since you announced it here and I’ve wondered how you get the ideas for content and how you source the writers?

    I thought we might see it in your “how to” series, but I don’t think it was mentioned.

    Anyways, good luck with all your new projects. I’m sure they will all be resounding successes.

    • Ian, The way we go about getting writers, quality writers is a bit unique. It’s something I feel like is proprietary IP to our company and not something I feel comfortable sharing. However, if you email me with the site you are looking to get content for I will be happy to do my best pointing you in the right direction.

  8. I am learning a lot from you guys. I am new to the industry but have acquired over 600 domain names. I still have not learned anything about website development and making a nice revenue from developing a site. I am looking forward to learning more and creating a few sites that earn. Congrats on this name and the other I emailed you about, OnlineDegree.com. I am hoping to get something going with OnlineExecutiveDegree.com, HygienistSchools.com, PatriotAct.com, or NashvilleRefinance.com. If you have any suggestions I would be all ears. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.

  9. Curious to how much traffic the site was getting before your purchase. thanks

    • We asked for traffic logs, but the previous owner didn’t have them. So, the short answer is we don’t know for sure.

  10. Hi Mike,

    You really are putting your soul and money into your research. Congrats!!!

    I especially like the onlinestorage and onlinedegree purchases. Worth every penny!

    Look forward to more progress updates and knowledge sharing from your end.




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