Terran Marketing is now Tactical.com

When I started Terran Marketing back in 2010 I never could have dreamed what it would become. Things have really started taking a different direction the past year (in a good way) and I felt like a rebrand was in order. However, before I get into that let me explain my thought process. When I started Terran I made a few basic assumptions…

  1. I would be looking for keyword domains to do affiliate marketing with.
  2. The name of the company I was forming wasn’t that important since I would be known for the individual websites more than the overall company name.
  3. I wouldn’t be marketing Terran Marketing itself per se.

Well, as it turns out, none of that turned out to be true. Well, #1 used to be true, but we’re making a big push to get away from affiliate marketing (future post about this coming up). I guess you could maybe give a half point to #2 since people do know Terran Marketing for individual websites in some cases. However, Terran Marketing as a brand has really started to take off. People have come to know Terran Marketing as a company that makes strategic domain name purchases, designs great websites, and generally knows what they are doing.

The problem is that the name “Terran Marketing” is long, doesn’t mean much of anything, and is hard to spell for a lot of people. As we’ve been breaking into new industries, such as Treadmills, getting an email from @terranmarketing.com just isn’t very impressive and often times ends up in the circular file.

So, a couple of months ago I set out to find a domain name that was impressive as our domain portfolio itself. The domain name had to meet a few criteria:

  1. Be a .com domain
  2. Be one word
  3. Be easy to spell
  4. Explain, at least in part, who we are
  5. Fit within our budget

A lot of names floated across my desk over the past few months, but none caught my eye as much as Tactical.com. While I was worried about the negative connotation the word might have, I felt like the positive far outweighed the negative. It really fits since we do take very “tactical” approach to everything we do. From buying domain names, coding, design, analytics, etc it’s all very tactical and calculated.

So, with all that said, Terran Maketing is now Tactical.com.

I know it will take some work getting the new name out there, but in the end I think it will be well worth it. In addition to the new name, we launched a brand new company website at the same time. I wanted something that looked as good as some of the sites we’re working on and I feel good about the result.


  1. I like it, I honestly had no idea bout to pronounce Terran 🙂

  2. I like it, it sounds badass! LOL! Seriously, good name. Plus I think it’s great that you re-brand and look to “new beginnings” so to speak and put the rough last 3 years behind you. I really like the new designs of both your blog and tactical.com website. Also love the strict white hat approach to your business, can’t wait to see more posts about this!

  3. Awesome, great to see an update from you.

  4. Nice move. Now If only I could figure out what your budget for that domain was 🙂

  5. What happened to all the Tactical projects? I see several of them are down or gathering dust.


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