Temporary Home

The first 22 years of my life I lived in a total of three homes.  The first one I don’t even remember because we moved out of there before I was 2.  So, in my mind I really only lived in two homes growing up. The one I went to elementary school in, and the one I went to middle and high school in.

Once I left home I still stayed in the Northern Virginia area for the next 6 years, most of which was spent in the townhouse I purchased in Sterling, VA.  Then I started an online poker affiliate business which enabled me to leave the Northern Virginia area and live anywhere I waned.  So, we headed to Las Vegas and the rest is history – including being “settled”.

Since leaving Northern Virginia in the fall of 2005 I’ve lived in 9 different homes, all but two of which were furnished rentals.  I’ve only lived in one of those homes for longer than one year – in Costa Rica.  I’ve discovered a couple of things during that time.  1) I’m really sick of packing and moving.  It’s a total pain in the butt.  2) I don’t really need as many “things” as I once thought.  Once you start moving a lot you learn how to live a much leaner life in terms of possessions.  3) I think it’s time to pick a place and settle down.

Right now we are in the waiting process to purchase a house in Las Vegas that will be yet another temporary home.  We are purchasing it mainly for investment purposes, but also as a place to live for the next few months as I know we need to be in Las Vegas at least though the end of the year.  After that we are thinking of renting the home as a furnished rental on a weekly or monthly basis.  This way we can collect rental income, pay the mortgage, and hopefully make some money in the process.  The cool thing is we would have a home in Las Vegas to come to whenever we wanted.

The question is what to do after the end of the year.  I was talking to my wife about this “again” tonight at dinner and we really have no idea what we are going to do.  However, it’s basically down to three options.  1) Buy another home in Las Vegas and settle down here.  2) Move to our home in the San Diego area (it’s rented out right now, but we can move in when we like).  3) Buy an RV and start touring the USA.  If we did the RV thing it would be done as a business where I would start another affiliate type website promoting RVs.  However, it doesn’t really fit the “settle down” aspect we’re shooting for.

I guess one thing is for sure, until we figure it out, I’ll just look forward to packing – again.

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