Tactical.com is now Terran.com

So, in a move that must make us look crazy, we are moving Tactical.com over to Terran.com. I know it was just about 18 months ago that we made the switch from Terran Marketing to Tactical.com, but a lot has happened since then. The biggest development is that we have launched a couple online stores in Treadmill.com and CuttingBoard.com and have really grown to like the business of running ecommerce sites. With that said, having Tactical.com as the domain name to run our overall company from just doesn’t make sense when it’s a prime ecommerce store candidate. So, over the next couple of months we are going to migrate all our emails and such over to Terran.com and then park Tactical.com. My hope is that we will be in a position to launch Tactical.com as an online store around this time next year.

If you refer back to my original post about switching Terran Marketing to Tactical.com, you’ll see that Terran.com meets all but one criteria:

  • Be a .com domain
  • Be one word
  • Be easy to spell
  • Explain, at least in part, who we are
  • Fit within our budget

Terran.com obviously doesn’t explain who we are in the name; the thing is, either does Tactical.com. I was actually getting to the point where I was sick of explaining that we weren’t a tactical supply or gun supply store. Our overall company is a marketing, SEO, ecommerce, and affiliate marketing company. After I explained that to people, I would get “OH” as a response most of the time. Hopefully I won’t be making a post in another 18 months about changing our company name again. I actually think Terran.com is perfectly suited for what we are looking for. I think it’s a cool domain name and it’s abstract enough to evolve with our company.

In terms of what’s next for Terran.com, we hope to continue expanding our ecommerce business. I’m actually flying up to Michigan all next week to close on purchasing on our next project. I don’t want to give too much away right now, because the deal isn’t officially closed. However, it’s an existing online store that operates in a great niche. While the existing site does a great deal of business, it’s severely lacking in technology; that is where we hope to step in and 2x or 3x revenues. My next blog post will most likely be to detail the purchase and then use it as a case study on the blog over the next year or two. Until then…..

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