Starting Your Own Blog – Why Everyone Should Do It

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone should start their own blog. It’s something that I put off for a long time and now wish I did much sooner. I made all kinds of excuses for not starting the blog: “I’m too busy”, “No one will care about what I have to write”, “It will be too much work”, etc. However, I realize now that there will come a time in everyone’s life when they will wish they have a blog – and wish they started it much sooner.

Starting your own blog couldn’t be easier, and if you’ve never had a blog before I suggest just using GoDaddy to host your blog. I use them to manage all my domain names and also used them to host my blog originally. They do all the work for you and will have you up and running in a matter of minutes. It requires zero technical knowledge. As an extra bonus, if you signup for their web hosting, you get your domain registration free for the first year.

There are a few reasons I think having a blog can prove quite valuable:

Marketing yourself: For the vast majority of people, this isn’t an issue “right now”. Most people are in a position where they already have a job, or are happy with their particular situation. However, the only thing that is constant is change. I’m a big fan of the book Who Moved My Cheese?, which is a fun story about change. While you might not be marketing yourself currently, you will at some point in the future. The fact is, you should always be marketing yourself, but that’s a topic for another post.

Blogging can provide a nice income: While it might take some time to build a decent revenue stream, it can prove to be a nice supplemental income for years to come. For some people it can even turn into a full time job. The fact is that you are looking at a minimum of 12-18 months to build decent traffic, so why not start now? Do yourself a favor and read the book ProBlogger. It will give you some excellent ideas on what to blog about and as the book gets into, most people opt for a “personal blog” as their first blog.

Create a Personal Voice: The less formal, more conversational format of blogging allows companies and individuals make deeper connections. It also allows you to express your views and opinions on various subjects. This can have a positive, but sometimes negative, effect when talking about touchy subjects such as religion or politics. Your personal voice and level of trust can used in positive ways down the road.

Share Knowledge: Blogging allows you to share knowledge with your readers, and do so with a high level of trust. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel good personally when I expose others to something that has affected my life in a positive way. This post in particular is a good example of this. If just one person starts a blog because of this post then I will feel like I have done some good.

It Takes Relatively Little Time: In order to sustain an active blog, you only need to make one or two posts per week. A blog with 6 to 8 posts per month will keep traffic building and flowing to your blog. Most people can easily come up with 6 to 8 topics per month and write all this and under two hours. Two hours per month is a small price to pay for the rewards that can come down the road. However, many people either give up, become frustrated, or simply lose interest before their blog even has a chance. You need to have thick skin and be prepared for many days with few, or even zero visitors, but not give up. Remember, that building a successful blog is a long-term, if not very long-term, project.


  1. I’d like to re-start my blog but I’m afraid I’d over-share and get fired.

    • That’s pretty funny. Maybe use the blog to talk about things in your personal life and not what’s going on at work? In the end I don’t think you will regret starting the blog back up.


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