San Diego or Seattle?

If you set a time lapse camera out our window since we got to San Diego a few days ago you would swear that you were looking at images from Seattle. Since we arrived Thursday night, we haven’t seen the sun a single time, it’s been raining almost non stop, and there is horrible flooding all over the area. My favorite part is my wife nagging me every 20 minutes with “Why did we come out here again?”

Normally we escape to San Diego for the great weather, but you’ve failed us this time southern California!

On a good note, there has been a multi-year drought here and the area needs the water badly. I’m hoping it will make the fruit trees in our yard produce faster so we have something from them before we leave about 2 weeks from today. During the small break in the rain earlier today, I took the dog out for a walk and did some inspection of the orchard. It looks like we might have some oranges before we head out, but the apples and tangerines are more like 3-4 weeks from being ready. It looks like a lot of the apples are being attacked by worms anyway. We don’t use any chemicals in the yard, so I guess that is what happens. We might have no choice but to do something in future years to combat the pests.

Sun is in the forecast for Thursday, which can’t get here fast enough at this point.

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