My first month in Texas

It’s hard to believe, but we have already been in Texas for almost a full month already. We arrived here on June 16th and it’s been nonstop since then. Between looking for a house, working on Terran Marketing, and adapting to our surroundings there has been little time for anything else.

Finding our new home

Our first objective when we arrived in Dallas was to find a new house to live in. My new partner, Jim Varnon, has been nice enough to let my wife and I stay in his home, but I knew from day one that would only be fun for so long. After 3 full weeks of staying here, I have to say it’s been better than I originally expected. Jim has 3 kids and 4 dogs, so I expected somewhat of a circus. However, his kids are really well behaved and I’ve really enjoyed being around them. Regardless, I’m 35-years-old and I enjoy my space and privacy. Even though Jim and his family have been over the top gracious about letting us stay here, I’m sure in the back of their mind they can’t wait to see us go.

Since we’re pretty savvy homebuyers, we decided to use to help us find our home. RedFin is a service that allows you to search for homes online and then schedule an appointment to see them in person with one of their partner realtors. You also get a kickback from RedFin towards your closing costs for using their service, so it’s a win / win for everyone. Our kickback is going to be over 3k, so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

The agent we found via RedFin has been simply amazing. She showed us over 15 homes before we found one we wanted to put an offer on. It was a great house, but after about 10 days of going back and forth with the owner, we just couldn’t agree on a price. From what we can tell, they are upside-down on this home and are trying to sell it for what they owe on it, not what it’s actually worth.

Since we looked at all the other listings in the area it kind of put us in a holding pattern of just waiting to see what else came on the market. Then a few days ago a promising new home came on the market and we scheduled an appointment to see it right away. We knew it was “the home” once we walked in the front door. The house is situated right on a golf course, but in such a way that you get all the good of the golf course, but none of the bad. The home backs up to a large pond on the course and the fairway is on the other side of that. So, you have a 0% chance of a golf ball hitting your home. You also never have to worry about someone walking in your yard and it’s far enough away from the fairway that our dog probably won’t even bark.

The home has windows everywhere in the back of the home, so the golf course view is almost an extension of the home. We are set to close on August 1st. Pending any major issues that come out of the home inspection there shouldn’t be any issues going forward.

Terran Marketing Progress

In addition to finding a house to buy, we’ve been working hard on Terran Marketing projects. We identified over 100 potential domains to work on over the past few weeks and filtered those down to 20 solid opportunities. We are deep in the process of closing on a few of these and I can’t wait to talk about them in the coming weeks. A couple of these are what I would call industry game-changer type domains. In addition to these domain names, we are also pushing forward with a new WordPress Themes project. I can’t talk about this project quite yet, but I hope it will be a major innovation in the WordPress space. Finally, we are close to launching our new design for Online Storage. This is a site we purchased just over a month ago, but we’ve already got it ranking at the bottom of the 5th page.


  1. Ah man the Texas heat! It has been over 100 here in AR for almost 2 weeks straight, close to Dallas weather ugh!

    Glad you are about to close on a new place, I bet that is a relief for everyone, plus I would imagine its nice to get things like that settled so you can focus.

  2. Wishing early closing of your dream home.

    Waiting for the juicy bit: More info on the shortlisted 20 of over 100 potential domains from your end.



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