Lady Gaga Concert At Viejas Arena

Last night I went to see the Lady Gaga concert at Viejas Arena. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Southern California, Viejas Arena is the stadium at San Diego State University. It’s the largest stadium of its kind in the area since San Diego doesn’t have an indoor professional sports team such as NBA or hockey.

The Arena

As I mentioned above, Viejas Arena is located on the San Diego State University campus. Getting to the stadium is pretty easy since it’s pretty much right off the highway (I-8). They have plenty of parking, which was a reasonable $10. It was also easy getting out of the stadium too. We left as the last song was playing (I read a review from the previous day so I knew what to expect) so I’m sure that helped.

The stadium itself is a no frills type stadium. There aren’t any luxury boxes and since it’s somewhat small, every seat is a good seat. The stadium has a capacity of around 15,000 people, but the way it was configured for this show it packed in about 12,000. They had the sections behind the stage blocked off, which is pretty typical.

The Show

With a heading like “The Show” it’s hard to know if I’m talking about the people attending the concert, or the concert itself. I’d say at least 10% – 20% of the crowd were dressed up as a Lady Gaga look-a-like, or in some sort of outright flaming gay outfit. These ranged from a guy in nothing but a diaper, to women in leather with a whip, to guys in tight pants and fishnet shirts. We literally spent an hour just walking around people watching. It was quite the scene.

The concert kicked off around 9:30pm and lasted almost exactly two hours. The name of the tour is The Monster Ball Tour and it is the theme throughout the entire show. In fact, it felt more like some sort of cross between a Broadway show, Vegas show, and Thriller video.

At first she was looking for The Ball in a car, but that broke down. Then, they resorted to the subway, which supposedly let them off in some bad neighborhood. Finally, they were on foot when they ran into this monster. It reminded me of Little Shop Of Horrors as the monster descended the stage to eat her.

The truth is I went to see the show for my wife, but left feeling totally entertained. Gaga never stopped moving at any point. She was all over the stage dancing, singing, and interacting with show goers. I’ve never seen a performer talk to the audience as much as she did. Her underlying theme throughout the concert was, there is nothing wrong with being different.

If the show was a movie, it would easily be rated PG-13, if not R. There were some very suggestive outfits, interesting videos on screen, and lots of cursing. I didn’t see many kids in the audience, but the ones that were there were accompanied by parents with concerned looks.

The Pictures

Here are a few pictures that we took during the show. A couple are of some of the fans and the rest are of the show.

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