Version 2.0 and Shout Out To BlueLayerMedia

First off, I want to start by giving a major shout out to the guys over at BlueLayerMedia. They are the ones who helped us get this site coded and they did just a fantastic job. I’ve worked with a lot of developers though the years and these guys are simply some of the best. Their code is super tight and they have the uncanny ability to push WordPress to its upper limits. I told them that I would be making this post, so they offered 10% off to anyone who mentions this post on their first project. Their rates are fairly reasonable to begin with, so this will make it even cheaper. If you end up using BlueLayerMedia feel free to comment on your experience via this post to let me know how it went. ***DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with BlueLayerMedia in anyway.

In regards to version 2.0, well I’m pretty excited about it. The new site features a full-featured accountant and financial planner directory. We’ve pre-sold almost 200 entries for this directory and we’ll be busy populating that data over the next few days. It also has some pretty slick videos (2nd one is in production now), an IRA basics section, and an Ask An Expert function. Via the Ask An Expert page users can post any questions they might have and then only the experts in the system can reply. This ensures that users are getting good sound advice and it’s a value-add for those in the directory. Finally, I’m really excited about the design of the new site. It’s just got an amazing look and feel to it that I think will rival the competition.


  1. Design looks awesome. Only thing that’s missing is a favicon.

  2. The site looks amazing – really well done!! I’d be interested to know what solution you are using for your directory? Was this custom-built or are you using a plugin or script? I think this is one of the most clear and organized directories I’ve seen online…and now I want one on 🙂

    • Morgan,

      Thanks very much for the kind words. It’s actually a custom system that we worked a silly amount of hours on. I don’t like putting together a low quality product and it’s nice to hear others get it too. We are working on an even better version now that will be up in a few weeks.

      We are actually working on making this directory available for sale in the coming months. If you don’t want to wait that long, reach out to the guys at BlueLayerMedia…. they are the ones who programmed it for us.

      Let me know if you need anything else.



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