iPad – What a neat toy

So, I’m sitting here on the sofa and writing this blog from my iPad. I just picked one up about a week ago, which was months longer than anyone thought it would take. The truth is I’m a little compulsive when it comes to technology purchases; it’s even worse when you toss an Apple product into the equation. I have just about every Apple product there is – and the newest version to boot.

My embarrassing list of Apple products I own:

15″ MacBook Pro
3 = MacMini’s
IPhone 4
MacBook Air
Mac LED monitor

The reason I waited to get the iPad was because it wouldn’t play all formats of video. I’ve been through trying to convert all my videos to iTunes before and it is just too big of a pain. However, VLC just came out for the iPad and that sealed the deal.

So far I’ve been using it as a laptop replacement at night from the sofa and bed. It’s also handy for long bathroom trips. The apps for the iPad are quite impressive and the screen quality is amazing.

So far I rate it an excellent purchase.

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