I hate being sick

I went on a pretty good streak without getting sick, but three nights out in a row last weekend in a smoky casino did me in. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, so the smoke bothers me a lot. I’m also not used to being in smoky areas anymore since I don’t really go to bars or spend much time in the casinos. However, over the weekend I was in a bar / casino every single night. I could feel my chest getting heavy by the end of it and sure enough when I woke up Tuesday morning I was pretty sure I had bronchitis. It started with just a small tickle in my chest and then progressed into congestion in my sinuses along with swollen glands in my throat. I’m going to give it a couple more days before i go to the doctor and get antibiotics, but I kind of feel like that is the inevitable at this point.

This is one of those instances where I really miss Costa Rica. You can walk into any pharmacy there and get any medication you need. After 34 years of life I know exactly when I need antibiotics to cure an infection in my body. I used to get an ear infection every year growing up and I know exactly what it feels like. It really sucks going to a doctor in the USA, paying them $125 to see you for less than three minutes, and then going “Yup, you have an ear infection.”

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