How I purchased my first website for Terran Marketing

Earlier this week I purchased the first website for Terran Marketing, the new company I created just a couple of weeks ago. I had been searching for something to buy in my spare time for quite a while and it’s not an easy process.

Let me lay out the process I used to do this.

1. There were certain things I was willing to compromise with, but one thing I was adamant about was getting a .com name. I’m not a big fan of .net, .org, .info, or anything like that. Those names don’t do nearly as well with google and it always leaves the door open for someone else to purchase the .com later and compete with you.

2. I wanted a keyword domain that gets a lot of search traffic. My minimum criteria was 100,000 local searches per month. Keyword domains have unbelievable value in terms of SEO. I estimate you need 20% – 25% of the links of a non keyword domain to achieve the same results. I also feel like once you get to #1 in the SERPs for a keyword domain you are virtually locked in forever.

3. I needed to find something that matched my criteria #1 and #2 above that also is in an industry that has affiliate programs. To affiliate program areas include dating, credit cards, mortgages, credit ratings, working from home, online schools, web hosting, etc. It doesn’t make sense to me buying a domain that gets a lot of traffic, but has no way to make money with it.

4. I wanted to work in an industry that I a) understand and b) respect. I have no interest getting involved pushing weight loss drugs or something stupid like that. I also have equally little interest in selling barbie dolls.

5. Ideally I was looking for something that had relatively little competition and high CPAs (commissions).

6. My search included both parked domains and existing websites, with a preference to an existing website that already had some established ratings.

I ended up settling on a website called In reviewing my criteria above, it was a .com name, the keyword WordPress Themes gets searched 165,000 times per month locally and 550,000 times per month worldwide, there are dozens of companies that offer a lucrative affiliate program selling WordPress themes, I respect the industry and know a decent amount about it, the competition is a bit strong (but I’ll deal with that), and finally I found an existing site that has been up over 3 years and already ranks 30th for my term.

I was able to negotiate a sale with the people who owned it by just communicating directly with them via their online contact form. I’m pretty happy with the pickup and already selected a new theme for the website this weekend. It took several hours to find the right theme, but I think I found a perfect theme for what I’m looking to do with it over the next few months. I also found a copywriter to write all the reviews that are necessary to fill in the site. Hopefully she will come though with a couple hundred reviews by the middle of next month.

I’ll report back as I make more progress with this site.


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