Heading to a wedding

This weekend my best friend from high school is getting married. Luckily for me he is getting married in Las Vegas, so I don’t have to travel anywhere. Normally I have to do the traveling for meetings, vacations, or to visit family / friends so this is a nice break. I guess this is just one of the perks of living in Las Vegas – people come to us.

Last year I flew over 150,000 miles. The year before that clocked in at about 90,000 and this year I’m going to finish right around 60,000. At first it was really exciting. I got to see new places and along with flying so much came many perks. Even with all the horror stories you hear about the airlines, they really do take care of their top customers. As a platinum member with Continental you get free upgrades to first class 5 days before the flight providing a seat is available. In the past year that has been on ever single flight leg except for one. You need to fly 75,000 miles in a calendar year to qualify for this benefit, so it’s definitely something that you earn. However, I’m at the point where I’m looking forward to flying A LOT less and just not caring about what status I am with the airline anymore.

I’ve earned enough miles the past few years to get free tickets from them for at least the next two years. I’m looking forward to some free travel over the next couple of years for the limited travel that I do have to book. Besides that, I’m looking forward to staying put for awhile.

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