First week in the RV

So far we’ve traveled just about 2000 miles in our new RV and overall the trip couldn’t have gone much better. There have been several moments where I was titled out of my mind, but reflecting on it now they were all just minor things. It’s stuff like a fuse blowing, the generator not starting, someone cutting us off, someone not letting us over, getting into a parking lot where I can’t make turns, scraping against tree branches, not having Internet, etc.

My only real complaint with the RV is the driving comfort. The captains chair is really made for a much taller person and I’m having a hard time getting comfortable on long hauls. It’s not really that big of a deal as I don’t plan on driving 500 miles in a day with this thing again, but if it comes up I will be miserable for sure. The only reason we have been pushing things this hard right now is to make it to Woodstock, VA (my parents home) in time for Thanksgiving. At this rate, we’ll be pulling into Woodstock around 4pm on Thanksgiving day just in time for dinner.

On the way back we are going to go at a much slower pace and enjoy the places we go. When we get to someplace we really like, we’ll stay a day or two. Our trip back will also find us on the most southern route, so it will be a bit warmer as well. We’ll be going via Charlotte, Athens, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston – all places where we have friends. That should make the trip more enjoyable too.

Overall I’m really enjoying the RV. It has all the comforts of home and I haven’t found myself regretting it one time yet. With the 4 slide outs, there is plenty of room. We also have a king bed, full size shower, full size toilet, plenty of hot water, DirectTV, etc. I even have the same computer I was using at home (with two monitors) and the custom desk we had build is working out perfect. I’m looking forward to spring and the warmer weather so we can take this thing north.

If you’re interested at all, you can follow our escapades in the RV at RV Road Trips (

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