First night on the road in our RV

We spent our first night on the road last night in our new RV and I have to say everything went better than expected. Driving the RV was no problem at all. Since you are driving a 5 ton bus down the road you need to be paying close attention, but it’s easy to drive otherwise.

We also had no issues at the RV park. We got lucky to get a nice quiet park with extra wide spaces. Hooking the RV up is a snap. You only have to attach a power and water cable and you’re done. Since this thing has huge holding tanks you only need to worry about that (dumping) every few days.

The RV interior space is also quite comfortable. I spent most of the time at the new custom desk we had built and Michele spent her time at the dining room table. We were able to watch TV thanks to our in-motion satellite and Michele cooked a great dinner. The kitchen is almost as nice as one at home. We have a 3 burner gas stove and pretty large fridge. The only thing that is lacking at all is storage space and a dishwasher. There is a space for a dishwasher though and Michele and I agreed that we will install one for our next trip. Not only is it a pain to wash dishes by hand, it wastes time. The dishwasher can handle the task while we’re rolling down the road.

We spent the night in Kingman, AZ and are about to pull out of here to head east towards Flagstaff. We’ll be spending the night somewhere near the NM boarder tonight if everything works out as planned.

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