Dragon Dictate 2.0 – A Real Lifesaver

I saw a commercial the other day for Dragon’s dictate software. I was quite skeptical because I used software like this in the past and it was horrible. However, it’s been several years and I was hoping the technology had improved a lot. Since I find myself writing more than I have in years, software like this could prove invaluable to me. It would allow me to write my posts much quicker and with fewer errors. On top of this, it would save wear and tear on my wrists. I find my fingers and wrists start to hurt when I type for an extended period of time. With all this in mind, I figured I’d give it a shot.

I ended up going with Dragon Dictate 2.0 Bluetooth for Mac. They also have a Windows version which is at version 11. The reviews for the Windows version are much kinder, but I use a Mac exclusively. The Bluetooth edition comes with a USB wireless headphone / microphone and sells for $269.99 on Amazon.com. However, you can buy the software for as little as $125.98 without the microphone. I found the pricing for the bundle to be a better option for me since I wanted the headphone anyway.

The software arrived yesterday and this entire post has been written using Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac. To this point the software only made two errors, which I find very impressive.

The box came with two DVDs and the wireless headset. I’m not sure why dictation software needs two DVDs, but it seems like the first DVD had very little on it. The installation process took about 10 minutes. After that, I spent another 10 to 15 minutes training the software. The joke around the house was that “I was training my Dragon.”

So far I’m very happy with my purchase and I would recommend Dragon Dictate to anyone who finds themselves typing a lot.

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