Building An Affiliate Website ( – Part Four

This is part four of my series on how to build an affiliate website, where I’ll be using as a case study. In this article I’ll be discussing the progress of the site so far and talking about the process of submitting the site to Google News. You can find previous installments in this series by following the links below:

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Part Two – Basic content guidelines, getting ready for Google News
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Website Hosting Progress:

It’s been about 10 weeks since I purchased Website Hosting and I think it’s important to cover some of what I’ve done so far. In previous parts of this series I talked about how important posting original, well-written content to the site is. In fact, this has been my main objective from day one. I’ve done my best to ensure that at least one new piece of content has been posted to the site everyday since I launched it. I’m happy to say that I now have over 150 news articles on the site, 10 web hosting reviews, and about 10 general hosting related articles. Since I now have over 100 news articles on the site, I feel comfortable submitting the site to Google News – something I’m going to talk about in depth later in this post.

I’ve also been successful in getting some early links to the site. By working with my partners in the hosting industry, I’ve been able to get a few very high quality links from Host Gator, InMotion Hosting, and WebHostingHub. I’ve also gotten a few totally natural links by writing the news articles mentioned above. These links will prove to be invaluable in the future and they are all 100% white hat.

HostGator Link

HostGator Link

InMotion Hosting Link

InMotion Hosting Link

All this hard work has translated in higher rankings for my main search term “Website Hosting”. Over the past month I’ve jumped 10 positions and now find myself on the 8th page. The additional news articles have also translated into additional traffic. I’m now at about 80 unique visitors per day, a 62% increase in traffic from last month. Finally, the most exciting thing is this translating into signups. My total signup ticker is sitting at about 10.

Website Hosting On Page 8

Website Hosting On Page 8

Submitting Your Site To Google News

The main reason I wanted to write this post was to talk about the process for submitting a site to Google News. It’s been my experience that you need a site that is at least 3-4 months old, has at least 100 quality news stories, and has at least 5 authors before they will accept your site. These are unwritten rules, but they have worked for me in the past.

I recently crossed the threshold for the before mentioned requirements, so I felt like now was a good time to submit my site. However, it is my understanding that Google News has made it harder to get included, because so many people are trying to take advantage of it. If they deny me on my first attempt, I’ll just keep adding more content and try again in 3 months.

In addition to the requirements I mentioned above, Google has some additional requirements that they openly discuss. Let me review those below:

Number Of Authors – Google will allow you to submit the form with 0 authors, but it is generally accepted that you need at least 5 authors before they will approve you. I used a combination of authors to write my content and had a total of 6 authors when I submitted my site.

Contact Information – You’ll need a place to list the contact information for your site and contact forms do not count. You’ll need a physical address, phone numbers, and an email address. You can see an example of what I setup for my contact information on Website Hosting’s contact page.

List of Authors – You’ll need a place to list all the authors on your site and their respective contact information. You can see how I handled this on Website Hosting’s about page.

Other Information – The rest of the form is pretty straight forward, requiring you to fill out your full name, address, type of site you run etc.

You can submit your site to Google News by following this link.

After I submitted the form I got an email that said “Please note that due to the high volume of sites we review it may take several weeks before we’re able to respond. We’ll work to review your site as soon as we can, but cannot predict exactly when you will receive a response from our team. Furthermore, we ask that you refrain from re-submitting your site for inclusion as it may create additional delays.” As soon as I hear something, good or bad, I will make a follow up post.


  1. Another great post, one question though – Do you have plans on translating this site into other languages? If so I’d love to see you talk about this process as well.


  2. Randy, I just saw this now for some reason. No, I don’t have any plans of translating this. I did that before in the poker industry and had some really bad experiences. I’m once bitten, twice shy now.

  3. Great stuff, I came back to read the stuff on again and am still impressed. I thought as an expert, who owns many domains, you might be able to help me with a quick question. I know that Google doesn’t like it when you link like crazy between domains that you own, but if you do a private registration, and don’t do anything stupid like linking each of your sites to every other site with no other links, do you think Google finds a way to discount those links? Our search engine rankings are really bouncing around the last few weeks, with sites like and moving up and down daily and I have no idea what’s going on since we aren’t really changing anything.

    • Thanks again for the positive comments Fox.

      In general I don’t like to block my whois information because it’s a good way for people to contact you about partnering or buying your site. I get questions from people all the time who get my contact info from the whois data. I also don’t like to do things to try and trick Google. I consider that to be grey or black hat SEO and in the end that will get you in trouble. There is nothing wrong with interlinking between your site, just don’t take advantage of it. You should only link from one site to another when it adds value. For instance, I add links from my blog to my other sites, but I would never link from my RV site to my WordPress site.

      Can you give me an exact example of something you are bouncing around for in terms of rankings? In general I would say that neither of these two sites are going to rank very well for much of anything. The first one has 0 inbound links and the 2nd only has 9. When you’re starting out it’s hard to get links, but if you continue to write a bunch of content the traffic will come. I suggest installing the Google XML sitemap plugin and adding your sites to webmaster tools. I don’t look like you’ve been doing that. It also looks like the last post on is quite old. Again, it’s really important to add recent content. That could be one of the reasons the site is bouncing around.

      You have my phone number and you are welcome to call me if you like to discuss this at length offline.


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