31 Fruit Trees

We moved into our new home in Escondido, CA just a little bit over a year ago. One of the first things we wanted to do was plant several fruit trees knowing that they take several years to mature. So, once we got settled in we went to the local nursery and talked with someone about coming out to survey our property. He finally came out for an initial consultation and then came back again to map out our property and come up with a list of trees they could source. Then, he basically disappeared. We emailed and called him for several weeks and he just never got back with us. Frustrated, we just moved on to other projects such as chickens, clearing the land, and other gardening tasks.

After a few months, the desire to get some fruit trees sprang back up again. This time we just went to the biggest nursery in all of Southern California, not wanting to screw around. They have 3 locations in San Diego along and something like 30 locations between Southern California and Arizona. I’m not sure what it is with this industry, but we went though the same issues with this nursery. It literally took 4 months from when we first walked in until we were able to get some trees planted. If we didn’t call and pester them on a weekly basis, I’m convinced it never would have happened. I would have been more annoyed, but it gave me more time to clear additional room in our yard…

The property we purchased is a 1.2 acre lot shaped like a rectangle, with our house very close to the street. So, behind our house is a lot of room to do all sorts of things. The “top half” as we call it is basically the house, pool, fire pit, deck, patio, and various other landscaping. My favorite part is the privacy and amazing view. The “back half” is about .6 acres of totally undeveloped land. It’s a perfect area to plant fruit trees, plant a garden, raise chickens, and get creative. Taking care of that much land is a massive task. The first thing I did was buy a chainsaw and got to work clearing out various dead trees and trees that were in the way of our planting area. I feel bad cutting down a tree simply because it’s in my way, but when you’re going to plant 3-5 trees in its place I don’t think it’s a bad thing. After a few months I finally had a big area cleared and really put the pressure on the nursery. Originally we only had room to plant maybe 10-12 trees, but with the additional room I created we had room to plant 30 trees…. and we added one extra in as a bonus.

We ended up with an amazing variety of apple, lemon, pear, asian pear, plum, apricot, avocado, orange, nectarine, almond, mango, and tangerine trees. We got a combination of 6 24″ box trees and the rest are 15 gallon buckets. The smaller trees are much more affordable, but we got a couple larger trees in the varieties that generally take longer to mature. Some of the trees already have fruit on them and we can generally expect to have a decent variety of fruit within the next year. It takes about 3 years for the trees to really mature though, so we’re glad they are finally in the ground! The total project, including irrigation, cost us about $5,000. We will have to eat one heck of a lot of fruit to pay that money back, but it does add a lot of value to the property. People love orchards in Southern California, so at a minimum it will help our resale value someday.

Here are a few pictures of the new trees…





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